How to Choose a Menstrual Cup

 Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Cervix Height  

How do you know where your cevix sits? It is best to measure it, but some women with a lower cervix have a hard time wearing a tampon as it feels like it is falling out, and comment that sex can be uncomfortable as your partner may be bumping up against your cervix. 

- Check it yourself in the shower or sitting on the toilet. Insert your middle finger and feel for the "cherry pit" or marble. This is your cervix. Note how far your finger is inserted when you feel it. If your finger is less than your middle knuckle - it would be considered lower. If you can go beyond your middle knuckle, you have a higher cervix. (It is important to note that your cervix does move throughout your cycle and is typically lower in the first few days of your period. Some women even wear a low cervix cup the first few days of their period and then switch to a regular cup for the remainder.)

- Ask your doctor to check your cervix height at your next annual visit. If they ask why, tell them you are window shopping menstrual cups and their accurate assessment of your lady parts will make the hardest part of your purchase deciding which color cup looks best in your vagina. 

- Maybe you have a willing partner that will check it for you?? (This could be fun!) Build your date night around it and build up to the grand finale of "honey, while you are down there......?"                                                                                                                                                                              Just note that your partners hand may be larger than yours, so take that into consideration when determining cervix height. 

Cup Suggestions: MeLuna Shorty, Femmycycle Low Cervix

 Some women whose cervix isn't exceptionally low, can also were a Small/Size 1 in other brands as they are shorter. Some cup handles can also be carefully clipped off to make the cup shorter - just make sure not to cup the cup itself. Another helpful trick is to flip your cup completely inside out for your low cervix days as this makes it slightly shorter....just note that you will not have a stem or handle to assist in removal.


2. Pregnancies

I don't have to tell you that childbirth changes our vaginas. It stretches and loosens everything that was once nice and tight. I recommend women with multiple pregnancies consider a Large or Size 2 cup as the circumference is slightly larger to accommodate the stretching of muscle. You may also want to consider a cup that is not too firm as you may feel it. 

Cup Suggestions: Super Jennie, EvaCup, Sckoon, Femmycycle

3. Flow

If you feel like the holding vessel of a tsunami for 7 days every month - consider going with a Large or Size 2 Cup. Simply...they will hold more fluid which means emptying your cup less often. 

Cup Suggestions for Heavy Flow: MeLuna XL, Size 2/Large in other brands

4. Age

Although I don't find this the most important of factors, it can still be considered when choosing a cup. As we age, our muscles tend to loosen which includes our pelvic floor and you may want to consider a softer/less firm cup. Young women can still do kegel circles around their moms, so a firmer cup may be appropriate.

Cup Suggestions for women under 30: Lunette, MeLuna, Femmycycle

Cup Suggestions for women over 30: Super Jennie, EvaCup, Sckoon, Femmycycle

Some general rules to think about:

 - Firm cups tend to open easier upon insertion

- Women who are very physically active (runner, yogi, dancer) have a stronger pelvic floor by means of the strenuous activity. A firm cup is made to hold up to the muscles strength. MeLuna Sport is a cup specifically for Wonder Woman Vaginas. 





MeLuna allows you to choose your favorite handle option. Most cup handles can be carefully clipped off if they hang too low. 



Most cups offer a two sizing option:

Size 1/Small and Size 2/Large

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.16.31 PM.png


Femmycycle offers three sizes for your unique body.