Cloth Diaper Doublers

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Can’t say enough great things about these boosters! They are super soft, well made, and we have no more leaks!
I came back for more! These are quality cloth diaper liners.
So cute and soft! Also very absorbent. Great product!
These are adorable! They came quicker than I expected too. Can’t beat the price, especially for how big they are! I’ll definitely be a repeat customer :)
We love these! I am super particular about stains on my precious cloth and these are helping AND increasing the time we can be out of the house in cloth. Thank you! We will be ordering more as soon as we get more diapers. :)

Ten reasons to use cloth diaper doublers

1. Help save the earth with cloth diaper doublers

A wise person (probably a diaper doubler user) once said, “Always love your mother, because you’ll never get another.” The same goes for Mother Earth! 

Did you know that 18 billion disposable diapers are dumped into landfills each year? Made with of a cup’s worth of crude oil each, disposable diapers are non-biodegradable. This means a single-use diaper thrown away today will still be buried in a garbage pit long after your baby has grown up. In fact, estimates say disposable diapers will still be around 500 years after they’re thrown away. That’s a hefty price to place on Mother Earth (and your baby’s baby’s babies…) in the name of “convenience.” 

With eco-friendly diaper doublers and cloth diapers, you’re eliminating nearly 4,000 disposable diapers from the landfill, per kiddo! Now that’s a loving legacy.

2. Save money with cloth diaper doublers

Cloth diaper doublers are eco-friendly and econo-friendly. Just look at the costs, assuming your little one will require an average 7,200 diapers changes in 30 months.  For disposable diapers alone, you’d be paying $1,800.00 for all that garbage. Pee-yew!

Investing in a good cloth diaper system – including eco-friendly cloth diaper wipes and cloth diaper doublers — amounts to less than $1,000 in the first year, and even less costs in the years thereafter. And that’s the math for just one babe. Those savings skyrocket if a little brother or sister comes along!

3. Support more sound sleep

“Sleep” was a sweet word before parenthood, and now it has become even sweeter (and rarer). Enter cloth diaper doublers, which offer additional absorption for overnight wear, above and beyond that of your baby’s cloth diaper inserts. One cozy piece of absorbent cloth helps your baby’s sleep to remain undisturbed by leaks. Plus, you save your home from overnight, leak-induced tears! Sounds pretty sweet, huh?

4. Stop leaks during the rest of the day

Maybe your kiddo is a super-soaker. Or, maybe one extra errand stands between you and a changing table today. Whatever the case, reusable cloth diaper doublers save you from the trouble of daytime leaks. If your car seat, shopping cart, or right forearm could talk, I bet they’d all thank you!

5. Save precious time

I could wax poetic about the hours I’ve spent kissing small sweet toes and cheeks. I definitely can’t say the same about the countless hours spent wiping baby booties bestrewn with poo. Or, worse, scrubbing everything in the vicinity of a bad blowout! To help save time during the less poetic moments of parenthood, there are reusable cloth diaper doublers. Diaper doublers add protection without an extra step. Simply change, rinse and wash your cloth diaper doublers along with the rest of your cloth diaper system.

6. Add some whimsy to your potty party

Sure, there are some days for the bigger picture: your babe’s first birthday, first word or first steps. But there are many more days in-between when the little details make life both delightful and bearable. With Generation Me’s adorable fabric designs in girl, boy and gender neutral prints, you’ll enjoy eco-friendly cloth diaper doublers that feature patterns like woodland creatures and colorful stars. In the season of life when diaper changes seem endless, it’s nice to open up your baby's cloth diaper to smiles and sparkles. When you can see them, that is!

7. Better absorption makes for a cozier bum

Keep those little bum-cheeks dry with the help of reusable cloth diaper doublers. Made from ultra-soft, high-quality flannel and fleece, cloth diaper doublers reduce two major causes of diaper rash: friction and moisture. Cloth diaper doublers feel soft against your baby’s skin, and keeps moisture away from your baby’s body. Two birds, one stone, am I right?

8. Get a better fit

Using two diaper inserts might sound like a solution to the absorbency issue, but be careful. Two bulky inserts will impact the fit of your baby’s cloth diaper, and leave his or her little legs smooshed in the leg openings. And smooshed legs aren’t just uncomfortable: they also lead to leaks! Yikes! Reusable cloth diaper doublers support better absorbency in a cloth diaper without compromising a good fit.

9. Support a successful cloth diaper system with cloth diaper doublers

For many new mamas and papas, establishing a sustainable cloth diaper routine can seem daunting at first. Don’t fret! You’re not alone: millions of families use of cloth diapers with the right accessories, including cloth diaper doublers. Generation Me diaper doublers work with any cloth diaper brand you use, so you can choose the diapers that fit your baby best.

Generation Me carries additional eco-friendly essentials to make your cloth diaper routine the best it can be. Reusable cloth baby wipes are a better alternative to disposable wipes, and natural, safe and eco-conscious diaper stripper keeps cloth diapers and accessories smelling clean and absorbing effectively.

10. Lengthen the life of your cloth diaper system

A good cloth diaper system is eco-friendly, money friendly and baby body friendly, too. That’s why it’s important to care for your cloth diaper system for the long haul. With reusable cloth diaper doublers, your baby's leaks and soils meet the diaper doubler first, protecting your cloth diapers from stains. 

With reusable cloth diaper doublers, you’ll use those cute little cloth diapers from the first day you bring your baby home until the day your toddler stumbles into the room with pants around his ankles, proudly announcing to you with a smile, “I pottied in the toilet all by myself!”

And on that day, with thousands of disposable diapers and hundreds of dollars not tossed away, you’ll high five a million imaginary angels and say to both of you at once, “Nicely done!” And then just for your little one, you’ll ask, “Did you remember to wipe?”

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