Cloth Baby Wipes

Reusable cloth baby wipes from generationMe are sturdy, whimsical, and most of all, comfortable for your baby. There are no compromises in the construction of our cloth wipes. We only use gentle flannel and fleece, strong thread, and an effective wipe thickness. Cloth wipes are easy to clean, easy to use, and save so much money over disposable wipes. Click below to see all of the cloth wipes we have available. Not only will your baby feel good, you'll feel great about using great reusable products from generationMe.

We absolutely love our new cloth wipes - you chose AWESOME patterns for this nerd family! Reordering! Thanks!
We love our flannel and fleece cloth wipes. They shipped faster than expected, and were nicely packaged. The cloth wipes are exceptional quality and beautifully made. They are a nice size, incredibly soft, and the prints I received are adorable. I especially love the mermaid under the sea print and the umbrellas. Perfect for our little girl! I only wish you could pick the prints you purchase, but I liked the prints I received so I’m sure they are all beautiful.

10 Reasons Cloth Baby Wipes Are Better


  1. Cloth baby wipes save you money. Cloth baby wipes will save you big bucks in the long-run. Disposable wipes are costly–averaging about $5.00 per box with the average newborn needing 12 diaper changes per day and older babies and toddlers needing 6-10 changes per day. Assuming your precious offspring will potty train by the ripe old age of two and a half–add up all those disposable wipes and we’re talking a savings of over $1,100. And that number will double if you buy fancy-pants disposable wipes at places like Whole Foods. Think of all the lattes you could buy with all that extra cash!

  2. Keep nasty chemicals away from baby’s bum. Reusable cloth baby wipes are safer. Hands down. Every time you wipe your sweet baby’s bum with disposable wipes, you are exposing her to harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, PEG’s, propylene glycol, fragrance and phenoxyethanol. Ick. And that list doesn’t even include the “hidden” ingredients like formaldehyde which OSHA has recently deemed “carcinogenic to humans.” Double Ick. I wouldn’t even clean my floors with that let alone wipe it directly on my baby. Not only can these chemicals be dangerous, wiping them across your baby’s sensitive tushie over and over creates ripe grounds for painful rashes and allergic reactions. When you use cloth baby wipes you can rest assured the only thing touching your precious baby’s bum is safe organic cloth.

  3. Cloth wipes are eco-friendly. According to the EPA, disposable diapers and wipes generate over 7.6 billion pounds of garbage every year. That’s a whole lotta garbage. When you switch to reusable baby wipes, you save about 15,000 poopy wipes from hitting your local landfill. (And that’s if you only use 2 wipes per diaper change.) Using cloth wipes also reduces water waste and pollution produced by the paper industry. This is just a hunch but we should probably save trees for more important things like producing oxygen. Think of all the trees we’d save if everyone used cloth baby wipes! Pat yourself on the back, sister. By using cloth wipes you’re keeping our planet safer for your sweet grandbabies.

  4. Cloth wipes are stronger. Let’s face it … Motherhood is messy and mainly involves cleaning up explosive poo. You need a sturdy wipe that’s up for the task. Cloth baby wipes are gentle on pa-tooties but won’t rip in the middle of a clean-up mission. They’re like the She-Ra of wipes. Plus cloth wipes grab more doo-doo and finish the job faster than disposable wipes. Less time standing at the changing table trying not to gag = one happier momma!

  5. Convenience. No need to separate wipes into the trash. After using, simply throw the cloth wipes into the wash with your reusable diapers for one big poopy-cleaning party and be done with it. Out and about? Simply carry a wet bag with you to tote your dirties back to the homefront. And don’t worry. Generation Me wet bags are smell-proof and leak-proof. No one will know you’re carrying poopy do-rags in your purse. (It’ll be your dirty little secret.)

  6. Convenience. As much as I love Target, putting on pants to run there in a panic to buy wipes is the last thing I want to do. And face it, every time we roam those magical aisles we get glassy-eyed and drop a chunk of change on unnecessaries like accent pillows with deer antlers stitched on them. You’ll always have cloth wipes conveniently handy right in your home. How conveniently convenient. (And yes, I know I listed “convenience” twice in a row. I did that on purpose.)

  7. Cloth wipes are versatile. Cloth wipes aren’t just for bums! Keep a stack in your purse, car or on the kitchen counter for wiping runny noses, sticky fingers and messy faces. Use them for spills, to open stubborn jam jars or to blot your lipstick.

  8. Cloth wipes are pretty. You can choose from an array of generationMe  boy, girl and gender neutral colors and patterns to match your adorable nursery. A stack of custom-made cloth wipes look oh-so-cute in a basket on the changing table. Hello Pinterest! Just sayin’ ...

  9. Cloth wipes won’t clog your sewer. According to the New York Times, flushing disposable wipes down the toilet is contributing to a huge sewer problem all over the world. Think those “flushable” wipes just evaporate once they go down the loo? Think again.  Consumer Reports says “flushable” wipes are anything but. (See what I did there? That was a butt pun. You are welcome.) Also, many disposable wipes are labeled as “biodegradable.” But that means they need sunlight in order to break down. Most people wrap disposable wipes inside poopy diapers before chucking them, which means the wipes won’t ever see the light of day. See what’s happening here? Disposable wipes are just plain bad for our planet. Switching to cloth is basically like becoming a superhero-planet-saving-goddess.

  10. Cloth wipes last for years. Cloth wipes last for years and are good for use long after your baby is potty trained. Your toddler can even use them while playing with her dollies or even to help you “clean” the house. Holy cow. You just outsourced house-cleaning to your toddler. You are basically a genius.

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