Reusable (Paperless) Towels

It won't take long to realize how much money you save when you switch to reusable paper towels, also called unpaper towels. These reusable paper towels are strong, absorbent, and look great wherever you keep them handy. For extra absorbency, try the 2-ply reusable paper towels.

I love the quality of the stitching and the fabric of the reusable paper towels. It doesn’t feel like your typical cloth or paper - it’s the perfect material for an “unpaper towel.” I will be ordering again soon. Thanks!
Use these reusable paper towels in my kitchen every day and I love them!!

One-Ply Paperless Towels

Two-Ply Paperless Towels

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10 reasons to invest in reusable paper towels


There’s a reason the primary advertising we all see is for paper towels: we throw away our money on repeat purchases of the product because we’re led believe they are better for us.

Here’s 10 reasons reusable paper towels are the better and true healthy choice.

1. They’re convenient.  

 There’s no doubt disposable paper towels are convenient to use; once you use them they can be thrown away. Reusable paper towels have this same convenience but with way less cost and impact on the environment.

2. They’re hygienic.

More than 80 percent of bacteria spreads through hand-to-hand contact. The best method to get rid of the bacteria is to wash your hands thoroughly. Your washed hands should be dried immediately in order to stop the spread of bacteria. Reusable paper towels help you do this, and washing the towels afterwards can sanitize them.

3. They’re cost effective.

 Because you can use your reusable paper towels over and over again, you save on the cost of buying disposable paper towels whenever you run out.

4.     They’re durable.

Unlike traditional paper towels, which are used once and then fall apart or become too unclean to use on another surface, reusable paper towels are made from a strong, durable fabric so they can be used over and over again.

5.     You can clean up pet messes with ease.

 When it comes to pet messes, people normally use disposable paper towels so whatever was cleaned up can be easily thrown away. With reusable paper towels, pet messes can easily be cleaned and your towel can be washed and reused.

6.     They’re energy conscious.

Consider a refrigerator where fungus has accumulated due to collection of moisture. To clean the mess, people typically prefer to use paper towels as they can wipe it dry and throw away the paper along with the fungus. Now, think how many paper towels would be used for a job like that and consider the energy that went into cutting down trees and creating disposable towels. With reusable paper towels, you eliminate energy consumption vastly.

7.     You can clean stubborn stains.

You may have seen garage owners using rolls and rolls of paper towels so they can easily toss away grime when they’re done with a job. With reusable paper towels, the material won’t fall apart while you’re cleaning and the job gets done just as well without all the waste.   

8.     They’re gentle on food.

When you’re washing something like vegetables, gentle reusable paper towels can easily clean and wipe dry while remaining more hygienic than a traditional cloth towel or disposable paper towel.

9.     They don’t leave streaks.

Disposable paper towels are extremely useful for wiping the car windshield or windows dry after washing them, but they leave unsightly streaks or bits of paper across the surface. With reusable paper towels, you can clean and dry your glass surfaces without smudges.

10. They’re effective against germs.

Because reusable paper towels can be washed, bacteria get destroyed, which means your home and family are cleaner, healthier and happier.