Autumn is a

second spring when every leaf

is a flower.

-Albert Camus


An eco-conscious and budget savvy mother of four, Meg was concerned about the amount of consumables purchased and waste generated by her nine member household. To cut down on expenses and waste, the first switch was to cloth diapers. Their family realized how easy the switch to cloth really was, and began the process of going waste-free in all areas of their home.

When Meg's sister, Beccee, passed away from cancer and sadly left two daughters behind, she became especially motivated to re-evaluate their lifestyle. She cleared the house of chemicals and started exploring the world of natural cleaners. generationMe has since grown out of her desire to be not only sustainable and eco-friendly, but healthier as well.

generationMe has been owned and operated by Meg Eldridge since 2010. Meg creates and designs all of the eco-friendly family products out of her studio in Wisconsin. Her store has since expanded to include more waste-free products brought to you by some of hers and your favorite brands.