Reusable Mop Pads

Use these in my kitchen every day and I love them!!
These work so well! I was worried about the function, but they work better than the Swiffer brand disposables. LOVE them.
Arrived quickly, great quality product. Very excited to never buy a Swiffer mop pad again!
Love using these! So much better than the swiffer clothes! They pick up hair like nobody’s business! And, if you want a scent, just put a few drops of Essential Oil on the pad for a fresh smelling room. Definitely can be used more than once between washes for maximum efficiency!

A Dozen Reasons to Switch To Reusable mop Pads

Think green, save money

Make no mistake, thinking green is big. We think green when producing food. We think green when landscaping lawns. We think green when selecting and using energy resources. We think green when we recycle cans. We also think green in our homes by how we use the simplest things: energy saving lightbulbs, recycled paper products, composting.

In recent years there’s been a renewed environmental resolve to take better care of ourselves and our family in the home. A growing trend is that consumers are returning to the dependability of using natural reusable cloth products in household cleaning. And it’s more than using cloth diapers and dusting cloths. Cloth is replacing the pricey thin one-time-only disposable mopping pads that are soaked in chemicals.

From the environmental standpoint, reusable mopping cloths have significant impacts on living green. They won’t clog septic systems and landfills. In fact, the chemicals in many disposable cleaning products—like those in mopping pads—end up in ground and surface water through runoff. Water treatment systems simply don't capture and treat all of those chemicals.

In contrast, reusable mopping cloths can be used with natural cleaning products or just plain water so they are safe for children, pets, floors and the natural world. And, of course, they are also very effective in cleaning and disinfecting homes.

Why should you bypass the disposable mopping pads? You might think the disposables clean better and more efficiently, and thus make life easier, but think again. The benefits of using eco-friendly cloth to clean floors far outweigh disposable pads.

1. Cloth mop pads save money.

Obviously, because they are reusable. They aren’t the throw-away “one-and-done” disposable mopping pad. If you check out the household cleaning aisle in the store, you’ll see how expensive disposable cloths are. Not even using manufacturer coupons or taking advantage of in-store sales makes them affordable. There are generic and off-brands, but they are often of lesser quality and the need to use more ends up costing the consumer just as much as the name brand. In addition to the reduced cost, with cloth mopping pads you’ll never need to make an unplanned trip to the store because you ran out in the middle of cleaning.

2. Cloth mop pads can be used wet or dry.

Want to dust a hardwood floor or get rid of pet hair in the mudroom? Grab the dry cloth. Need to wipe up spilled orange juice? Add water or a natural cleaning product and you’re ready to go.

3. Machine-washable mopping cloths make clean-up quick and easy.

Toss them in the washing machine then the dryer and you’re ready for another round of cleaning. They withstand dozens of washings, don’t shrink and can be washed with other loads.

4. Cloth floor mopping pads can be used on any surface.

They are the optimum product for wood, laminate, tile and linoleum. You don’t need to worry about the cloth scratching hardwood or discoloring a surface. You won’t need more than one depending on the type of surface.

5. Cloth mopping pads are lint-free.

It’s disheartening—and embarrassing—to see lint on the floor left by a disposable pad as the sun streams across the hardwood dining room floor during a dinner party. Don’t fret about particles that might not get picked up by disposable pads, which can also leave residue. When disposables fall apart they leave bits of material behind that can be hazardous to children and pets—and unsightly.

6. Cloth mop pads attach to traditional mops.

Because mopping cloths attach to traditional mops, you don’t need to use an awkward pail of water to clean floors on your hands and knees. Tired of filling a pail in the laundry tub or bathtub then lifting the heavy pail and carrying it from room to room? Tired of the water slopping over the pail onto the carpet on your way across the house? Tired of slopping water outside of the pail when you lift the mop out of the water? Tired of ringing out the pad and getting grime on your hands? Tired of having to return to the tub to dump out the dirty water, wipe residue out of the pail then refill time after time? Tired of finding a place to let the pail dry where it won’t mar the surface? Are you tired of wasting water? Tired of achy knees? Then use cloth pads on the mop!

7. Cloth pads can be custom-made to bring your personality and décor into your home.

Coordinate the decorative cloths to your kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, dining room and even the patio. Your kids (and husband!) will find them so appealing and easy to use that they will want to help clean. They just might want to clean their bedrooms and bathrooms. Your husband will volunteer to mop the floor in his office. While they’re mopping, sit back with a cup of coffee.

8. The natural fibers of mopping cloths are more absorbent than disposable pads.

They hold water and cleaning solutions better than disposable. It would take several costly disposable pads to get the thickness of one cloth pad and even then the multiple disposables might not improve absorbency. The Velcro and elastic on cloth pads hold much more securely to the mop and last longer.

9. You can use natural cleaning products.

Natural cleaning products can be used that are safe for children and pets, such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, castile soap and borax. Add essential oils to the pad for fresh smelling rooms. Or go au-natural with plain water.

10. Cloth pads are non-abrasive.

They won’t damage surfaces that can be expensive to repair. How many times have you worried about which mop and disposable pad to use? Do you want to deal with more than one type for different surfaces, which proves costly and clutters up the hall closet?

11. Cloth pads can take a punch!

They won’t fall apart; can withstand multiple washings and tumbles through many dryer cycles. Disposables are not meant for more than one use and if extra effort is needed to get off a stubborn stain, it’ll fall apart or come lose from the mop. If the wet disposable pads dry out, adding water doesn’t help.

12. Cloth mop pads are considered professional strength.

They are thick and textured to cut through dust and grime and even pick up that pesky pet hair. The inner layers provide absorbency and strength. The top layer ensures a nice shiny and smooth surface.

So, if you are contemplating trading disposable mopping pads for cloth, weigh the pros of cloth with the cons of disposable and choose cloth. You’ll be doing yourself, your household and the environment a big favor. It’s the Green—and clean—thing to do.