Yellow Two Handle Wet Bag


Yellow Two Handle Wet Bag


Everyday Use Wet Bag for Kitchen, Bathroom, Car or Diaper Bag. Holds wetness and odors for perfect multi-functional use! Two Snap Handles for convenience.

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Wet Bag measures approx 11" wide by 15" long. As with any handmade item, dimensions may vary slightly. Made from a durable, waterproof cloth material made to withstand years of daily usage! Two snap handles make it adjustable for any stove handle, bathroom towel bar, or toilet paper holder. Sturdy zipper closure keeps the mess and stink in! 

Some of the uses for your wet bag are:
- Cosmetics, Lotions, Shampoo when traveling, 
- Paperless Towels, Napkins and Washcloths in the kitchen,
- Cloth menstrual pads in the bathroom,
- Swimsuits at the beach,
- Sweaty clothes at the gym,
- Cloth diapers in the diaper bag,
- and so much more!

- Wet bags reduce waste and keep plastic bags out of landfills.
- They are completely washable, so they can be thrown right in the washer with the contents. 
- Wet Bags contain the odor. Close the zipper, and you won't even know what's inside. 
- They are so diverse in there uses that they can replace 10 other bags in your house.

- For best results:
Turn inside out and wash with any other laundry.
Hang or lay flat to dry! It's that easy! 
**Avoid drying on high heat as it can compromise the integrity of the material.