Cloth Menstrual Pads - 12" Moderate Absorbency


Cloth Menstrual Pads - 12" Moderate Absorbency


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These 12″ cloth pads are perfect for overnight use, plus size body types, postpartum mothers, or anyone else who need a little extra protection.

• Topped with flannel or minky (see below for fabric description)
• Absorbent bamboo viscose core
• Leak-resistant, breathable Polartec vegan fleece backing
• Durable rust-free polyresin snaps
• 12″ (20 cm) long & 2.5″ wide across the middle when snapped
• Handmade in America (of imported material)

Flannel is perhaps the most popular fabric used in many brands of reusable menstrual pads: it’s natural (100% cotton), thin, breathable, and fuzzy like pajamas. Just like flannel clothing, the colors may fade a little over time after multiple trips through the washing machine, but this won't affect the pad's functionality. If you’re looking for a simple, comfortable pad, flannel is a great choice.

Minky is a synthetic fabric designed to resemble mink fur, so it's incredibly soft! It's also stain-resistant and stays looking like new after many uses. Minky is slightly thicker & warmer than flannel or jersey, so it might not be ideal if you live in a hot climate - though it's still much more breathable than disposables. If you're looking for a pad that will pamper you with silky softness, you'll love minky.

Pads are worn with the fabric print side towards your body and the solid color side against your panties. Snaps go around your panties and hold it in comfortably in place. Cloth pads are meant to be worn about the same amount of time you might wear a disposable - typically about 4 hours, but change as needed. They can be safely, and comfortably, worn all night.  

All pads are handmade, and like any unique product, there may be some slight variations in pattern placement and dimensions.  


Recommended Cloth Pad Care:

- Rinse soiled pads in cold water until it runs clear.

- Pads can be set aside, or stored in a wet bag, and do not need to be washed immediately.

- A gentle stain remover will keep your pads looking fresh and new. Find our favorite stain remover HERE!

- Pads may be washed with other items or separately, in water temperature of your choice. For a deep clean of your cloth pads, try our cloth stripper (recommended about once or twice per year). 

Cloth pads will last indefinitely with a proper care routine.